Kiernan Laveaux and Dean Sullivan

Dance Club returns to The Owl Room on Saturday, May 13th with a truly out-of-this-world lineup featuring our dear friend Kiernan Laveaux: “a connective energy conduit & ecstatic beat conductor from the Great Lakes.” Kiernan was one of the driving forces behind In Training, a long-running queer party founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014 alongside ADAB & Father of Two. She is now based in Pittsburgh and holds strong links to the collectives of T4TLUVNRG, Heaven is in You, Honcho, and Motherbeat, as well as other parties and groups around the globe. Her unique style of DJing blends house and techno from the American Midwest with dub sound system culture, conveying an elastic, funky, and motivating energy to every dance floor. Kiernan exists only to channel love and understanding to dancers of an open mind and spirit everywhere. Kiernan heads to Dance Club on an April/May tour that includes stops in Berlin, Manchester, London, Detroit, Brooklyn, and Montreal. The date at Owl Room marks her first solo appearance in DC. Joining this lineup is local house and goth monster Dean Sullivan, a super fun friend and DJ who is a resident at Rough House and Trade, as well as the vinyl night Roll Thru alongside Dance Club resident Tommy C. at Showtime. Dean’s hand-me-downs clothe half the queers in DC. Hosting the party is the one-and-only Bumper, the brain behind Safe Space, who will help send this night into deep space! Dance Club is an LGBTQ+ BIPOC+ event celebrating DC’s incredible selectors and its robust dance floors. Founded by Joyce (1432 R, Extended Family), Tommy C (TNX), and Baronhawk Poitier (TNX), this party is about fun and celebration. Dance Club is committed to investing in the local community as it curates welcoming, inclusive, and fun spaces.

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